Just like the original Mithraic Cult – we too have seven Grades of initiation in the Mysteries of Mithras, these are broken into the Terrestrial and the Celestial Grades.

Terrestrial Grades

1. The Trial of Corax

When an initiate joins he will take the Trial of Corax, this ceremony will be his first introduction to the Order, with the ceremony delving into the meaning of the Mithraic Mysteries.

The Trial of Corax

2. The Trial of Nymphus (The Bridegroom)

The Trial of Nymphus finds Mithras setting off on a journey of self-discovery. This grade is the first in a trilogy and is rich in esoteric symbolism and meaning.

Trial of Nymphus

3. The Trial of Miles (The Soldier)

The Trial of Miles sees Mithras continuing his quest and keeping to the style of the ancient Roman and Greek myths. Now a soldier, Mithras must learn about himself and what he stands for.

Trial of Miles

4. The Trial of Leo (The Lion)

The Trial of Leo is the final in the trilogy and the last of the Terrestrial Grades. Here Mithras must face his toughest challenge yet!

Trial of Leo

The Celestial Grades

5. The Trial of Perses (The Persian)

This Trial is the first of the Celestial Grades of the Order and very different from the earlier trials taken by a Frater. There is less of an allegorical myth and instead, the Grade focuses more on spiritual knowledge and meaning. 

6. The Trial of Heliodromus (The Sun Runner)

This Trial takes the Frater deeper into the cave of Mithras and deals with more profound themes.

7. The Trial of the Pater (The Father)

This is the pinnacle of the Mysteries, where the Frater now takes on the title of Pater of the Mysteries – the highest Grade that can be taken. After taking this trial the new Pater will rule and govern his Legion for the ensuing year.