We would like to extend to you a very warm welcome to the Mysteries of Mithras and for those Master Masons who are keen to take their Freemasonry further, we hope that this website provides you with more information to learn about our Order.

The Mysteries of Mithras

The Mysteries of Mithras is an independent order which is inspired by and uses the allegory of the lost and ancient Mysteries of the previously influential Roman Cult of the same name. We are open to all Master Masons who are members in good-standing and governed or recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England.

However, the Mysteries of Mithras is not a historical re-enactment, nor a religious order and there is no requirement for any specific religious belief for membership, with our ceremonies being compatible with all our members’ personal faiths. We do not claim to have direct lineal descent from the original mystery cults of ancient Rome. Instead, we take inspiration from and base the allegorical grades of the Order on the teachings and symbols of the Mysteries of Mithras.


Our Order’s objective is to bring together Brethren with an inquisitive and philosophical view on Freemasonry, who wish to learn more about themselves and the hidden Mysteries of Mithras. We invite all aspiring candidates who are seeking to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge to knock on the door of our Mysteries and enquire about our anciently inspired rituals.


Our meetings are intended to be thoughtprovoking and enjoyable experiences for brethren who are genuinely interested in extending their Masonic knowledge and who enjoy stimulating and allegorical Masonic ritual.

We trust that this website will be both informative and of interest to all Freemasons and we hope you will learn a little about who we are, our aims and what membership of our Mysteries entails. If you are considering participating in this thought-provoking and meaningful Order, we trust you find that this introduction inspires you to ask more questions and discover the Mysteries of Mithras.